How it Works

  • Must register for the challenge to participate.
  • Complete 30 practices in 30 days to be eligible for prizes.
  • We'll email you a video class as well as an optional off the mat practice every Sunday.
  • You can do two classes in the same day to make up for any missed days OR practice with us on Salti Yoga Online.
  • ALL class types count towards the challenge. The idea is to just show up! It's okay if you rest on your mat for half the class.
  • Track your attendance with stickers in-studio or leave a comment with "Your Name - Day 1" on each video practice.
  • You can use any membership option to attend classes.
  • Prizes will be drawn early November!

OCTOBER 1ST - 30TH, 2021


Commit to Your Practice

  • Experience firsthand the amazing mental & physical benefits that come with practicing yoga daily - on and off the mat.
  • Feel the collective energy of everyone doing the challenge with you.
  • Make the world a better place by doing something good for yourself.

Win Amazing Prizes

  • 2 One Month Unlimited memberships
  • Lululemon reversible yoga mat
  • Salti Yoga Online one month subscription