I began my journey into yoga when I hurt my back about 8 years ago. I was looking for a way to relieve the pain. I realized after a while of practicing (and seeing little to no results) I realized I wasn’t letting go. Letting go of the need to impress others. Letting go of the need to “do” more. Letting go of the need to rush to get better. I had to accept that where I was at, was okay. It was challenging, but once I let go - I was able to relax and truly heal. Now 8 years later I feel stronger and more able than before the injury. 

For me practicing yoga means to unite with your body, your environment, and everything that is. To do that we have to face and release our blockages, and to know our blockages we have to listen deeply. 

I like to offer a style that is inclusive, non-judgemental, and fun. I enjoying sharing the medicine that deep connection to breath + movement has to offer. I will be guiding you to help you listen in, and to trust the healing wisdom that you hold. 

I also enjoy camping + swimming all seasons, making art with all of the elements, dancing (life is a dance), capoeira, good food, and good music :)