A warm, beginner-friendly class where you will be guided through gentle movements and some deeper stretches to improve your flexibility from head to toe. This class is not too hot and not too cold. The warmth stimulates the release of tension, allowing your body to be more limber, but without working up a sweat. Expect to stretch, breathe

and relax.

This class takes everything you learned in Aerial 1 and combines it to create a flow of poses using the yoga hammock. This class is for the light-hearted, can be a lot of fun, and is often accompanied with music. Expect to play, hang, stretch, strengthen, breathe and relax.

Similar to the Flow class, but guided in a room heated to 38 degrees celsius. This class can be physically demanding and involves more movement than our other classes. Recommended for the seasoned yogi. Expect to sweat, energize, strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe.

We offer a variety of class types to suit your fancy.

Develop your own personal yoga or meditation practice. This class is not guided by a teacher, rather we hold space for you to silently work on whatever you like in our beautiful studio. Come and go as you like during the allotted time. This class is not suitable for beginners as there will be no instruction. Expect to be silent, share space and explore.

A warm, slow-paced class in which most of the poses are seated or laying down and held for upwards of 5 minutes. Bolsters and blankets are used to support you in the poses so that you can relax. Recommended if you are looking to chill out. Expect to stretch, be still, breathe and meditate.

A non-heated class in which physical poses are strung together with breath and movement in a continuous flow. This class involves more movement and more challenging poses than our other classes. Recommended for the seasoned yogi. Expect to energize, strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe.

Guided in a room that is heated to 38 degrees celsius, Salti Hot Yoga offers the same set sequence of poses, but challenges them with the heat. Warming up the body increases your heart rate and allows you to physically experience the poses with more depth. Expect to sweat, strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe.

This class is held in a non-heated room and is suited to all levels of experience. Offering an introduction to various yoga poses, this class is gentle and optimal for beginners, but also for those looking for an opportunity to slow down and go back to basics. Expect to gently stretch, strengthen, explore and relax.

A similar style class to the Salti Yoga class, but this class offers different poses every time. Includes some more advanced versions of poses from the Salti Yoga sequence as well as the opportunity to sometimes try inversions, arm balances and a longer guided relaxation at the end. Expect to strengthen, stretch, balance, breathe and be challenged.


A beginner friendly, but challenging all-levels yoga class. In this class you will practice the same sequence of poses every time to allow you to learn them well and progress quickly. Expect to strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe. Expect the same poses each class.

Core fitness is a 60 minute floor-based, hot class inspired by yoga & gymnastics conditioning. It focuses on strengthening and toning all of the muscles that wrap around your waist. Get stronger by using breath awareness and simply the weight of your own body. The last 15 minutes are dedicated to stretching the muscles you strengthened, followed by a short guided relaxation. Expect to strengthen, move slow, sweat & breathe.


Barre will challenge your body with dynamic movements that pull from the worlds of dance and fitness (no dance training required!). A traditional ballet barre and other props are used to support, strengthen and sculpt muscle groups. All levels welcome, modifications will be provided. Expect a high energy class with music.

A beginner’s guide to aerial yoga. This class is guided with silk yoga hammocks. The hammock will support you as you move through the poses and allow you to comfortably hang upside down so that your joints can decompress. It is encouraged that you are familiar with some yoga poses prior to attending an Aerial 1 class.  Expect to play, hang, stretch, strengthen and relax.