Q. Do I need to wear a mask?

A. Masks or face coverings are required to be worn at all times while inside Salti Yoga, with the exception of on your personal yoga mat or in the shower. Please ensure that you are wearing your mask prior to entering the building and throughout all common areas. Once you arrive on your yoga mat you may remove your mask. Be sure to put your mask back on prior to leaving your yoga mat. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q. Are change rooms and showers available at this time?

A. Yes! Our change rooms and showers are available. However, we encourage you to come to the studio ready to practice and please limit your time in the change room to 5 minutes, including your shower so that everyone can use the space while maintaining physical distancing.

Q. Will you continue to offer Salti Yoga Online?

A. Yes! Salti Yoga Online is here to stay. For those who are not yet ready to return to the studio, you can subscribe to SYO for unlimited access to our online library of yoga, fitness and meditation classes here. We are also excited to announce  that a new membership option, MU+ is now available! MU+ is a joint membership option, allowing clients to access unlimited classes in studio and online, in addition to many more exciting perks. 

Q. Do I need to register for classes or can I just drop in?

A. With physical distancing in mind, our class capacity has been reduced. You must register in advance for all classes.

Q. If I was in the middle of my Intro Month when Salti Yoga closed, what happens? Is my Intro Month gone?

A. If your Intro Month expired during our closure, we will extend it upon request. Intro Months that expired during our closure can be used at any time prior to September 30th, 2021. Contact info@saltiyoga.ca to activate yours.

Q. I had a Class Package that expired during the closure. Have I lost those classes or can they be reactivated?

A. If your classes expired during our closure, please contact clientcare@saltiyoga.ca to request an extension from the date we were allowed to start offering classes again.

Q. Why are some memberships temporarily unavailable?

A. Until we get back on our feet, we'll have limited membership options. We'll be adding the others back soon! If you're new to Salti Yoga, you may purchase any available membership now and still try our intro month at a later date when it becomes available again.

​Q. How do I know where my registered class is taking place?

A. When looking at the schedule online, note the Location and Room.

Q. I have a Monthly Unlimited or One Year Unlimited membership and am unable to register for unlimited classes. Is something wrong?

​A. We are temporarily allowing only 1 class per day. Given the current physical distance restrictions which reduces our class capacity, we need to hold space for more clients to join us in order to keep Salti Yoga operating. You have already been so kind and generous to us which has been instrumental in our reopening and we ask that you please be patient with us as we still need your support. After class you may check in with a team member to see if there is space for you in the next class. If space permits, you may be added to the class roster.

Q. Does the heat and airflow in hot yoga classes pose a risk of COVID-19?

A. We have contacted professionals in the Heating & Air Conditioning field regarding this. At this time, our understanding is that the heat circulating in our hot room does not pose a greater risk than the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in any other indoor public space. Our practice room will be aired out between each class.

Q. Does the lack of airflow in an enclosed space pose a risk of COVID-19?

A. There is a normal amount of airflow that meets building code in Ontario. We have a functioning HVAC system with an HRV which recently had it's filters changed. At this time, our understanding is that the heat circulating in our hot room does not pose a greater risk than the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in any other indoor space.

​Q. Is 30 minutes between classes enough time to organize participants out of the space, complete a thorough clean and welcome the next class in?

A. Yes! There are 2 of us on staff at any given time to make sure the studio is cleaned between groups before we unlock the doors and allow anyone in. We have minimized the number of touch points by propping all doors open for you, so you shouldn't need to touch anything unless you need to make a purchase or use the washroom. We thank you all for respecting the time constraints between classes and filtering out of the studio in a timely manner.