Over a decade ago I started practicing hot yoga with my teenage daughter. When we began it was a new and interesting physical activity that we could participate in together. After an accident that required bone surgery and a long recovery, including several months unable to walk, I really began to realize the benefits of my practice "off the mat" as they say. To my surprise, the breathing and meditation techniques I had been using on the mat became one of the greatest therapeutic tools I had at my disposal to help me cope with pain and frustration and to practice self care. As I recovered I incorporated yoga into my physical therapy and the practice has continued to play a major role in my life. The practice continually reminds me to bring my random, scattered thoughts (oh look, what's that over there?) back to the present moment and bring my awareness back to my own body and notice what I feel in my body in this very moment. It's such a gift - the present moment, and the ability to experience and accept it as it is.