Growing up in Mississauga, I come from a background in competitive volleyball, starting at the age of 11 on the beach scene and then becoming a successful youth coach with multiple national championship titles. I played as a setter for the best college in the province where I was introduced to yoga as we incorporated it to complement our training program- I fell in love with the physical aspects of it, but a regular practice only stuck when I was exposed to the depth that is yoga. I am passionate about the philosophy aspects of yoga as it has helped me understand and accept myself as I am, all while helping my body move in a way that feels good. Yoga has helped heal my body, mind, and soul, and that’s what I love to share in my classes. I love using my creative side in my sequencing and creating a “spicy” practice with options to challenge yourself if you are looking for a challenge, or suggestions to ease off and always giving space to listen to your body first because you know your body best. When I am not flipping upside down in my own yoga practice, I am going on walks with my three silly dogs or playing around with my ferret, and you better believe that I still play and coach volleyball whenever I get the chance!