From the ages of three to twenty-three, I danced. Competitions, teaching,
choreographing, even a university degree - you name it, I did it. While at York
University, I began a consistent yoga practice to mitigate the intense mental and
physical stress I was experiencing. I craved movement that both challenged me
and allowed for grace and compassion.
As my practice continued, I began to explore the philosophical and
spiritual aspects of yoga and was captivated. Where movement was once about
rigorous training and perfect performance, through yoga, it was now a place to be
creative, daring, and patient. This is especially true after welcoming my son in
April 2022.

Nowadays, I strive to make each practice a sanctuary where you can
explore your edges with strength, self-compassion, and maybe even a smile.
When I’m not on my mat, you can catch me dancing in my bedroom to my
favourite album(s), nose deep in a non-fiction book, or exploring the outdoors
with my son and loved ones.

I’m honoured to be a part of the Salti Peterborough community, and I can’t
wait to see you on the mat!