$85 for 60 Minutes

$120 for 90 Minutes

​Hot Stone Massage  - Peterborough

Hot Stone Massage is a treatment involving therapeutic  use of stones, heated in water, to increase circulation, relax muscle tissue, reduce stress and anxiety and provide an overall relaxing effect on the body. Treatments can vary in length from 60-90 minutes and can include full body or more isolated treatment based on your individual needs.

During your treatment, flat, hot stones are placed on various parts of the body. The stones will also be used to massage the body using a variety of techniques.​​​

$85 for 60 Minutes

$105 for 90 Minutes

We're seeking a Registered Massage Therapist to join our team in Kingston! To apply, please email Kayla at info@saltiyoga.ca and outline what makes you a good fit for this position along with any areas that you specialize in. Please include a resume and your availability in your email.

$120 for a 75 Minute Reiki Treatment

$220 for a 75 Minute Energy Balancing Nutritional Consultation

Registered Massage  Therapy - Peterborough

Therapeutic deep tissue and Trigger point therapy massage.  Our massage therapist integrates a wide variety of modalities throughout her treatments, such as Swedish massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and Reflexology. Each massage treatment will be thoughtfully tailored in accordance with the client’s needs and requests, personalizing the experience for each individual.

Reiki and Nutritionist - Kingston

Reiki is energy medicine using light touch therapy. If you are in pain, live a stressful lifestyle, suffer from re-current headaches, nausea, inflammation or fatigue Reiki may help to relieve these symptoms. Reiki also helps to restore peace, reduce stress and infuse calm back into a body constantly absorbing the energetic downloads of the world. Reiki works to “improve the flow and balance of energy” and restore relaxation to help you live your most positive, energetically balanced life.

We're Hiring!

Chiropractor and Medical Acupuncture - Peterborough

As a firm believer in providing evidence based, patient centered care, Dr. Barrieau provides a number of services that are carefully tailored towards each individual’s needs. A treatment with Dr. Barrieau may include soft tissue therapy, adjustments/mobilizations, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle advice and education geared towards improving health, fitness and well-being. Commonly Treated Conditions include:

- Headaches
- Concussions 
- Neck Pain & Back Pain
- Jaw Pain 
- Sports Injuries
- Muscle Strains
- Joint Sprains
- Movement Dysfunctions 
- General Aches and Pains

$90 for 60 Minute Initial Assessment

$75 for 45 Minute Follow Up

$60 for 30 Minute Follow Up​