Sound Therapist Shannon Brown offers her love of singing, sound, movement and creativity to help others. She is currently training with Toronto’s Institute of Traditional Medicine in the Sound Therapy certificate program, graduating December 2020. She has a BFA (Concordia University) and BEd (Queen’s University) and a Certificate in Human Psychology (Bishop’s University). A trained vocalist and musician, she has been the lead singer in bands in Kingston, Montreal and Toronto. A Reiki level 2 energy healer, Shannon has over 10,000 hours teaching, facilitating arts workshops and leading therapeutic arts programming. 

With a sound therapy session, you can expect to feel more relaxed, balanced and calm. Shannon plays the crystal sound bowls, rattles, chimes, and vocal tones around and over the body activating resonance within systems that may be out of balance. While working with intentions for healing, great shifts in the energetic, physical, mental and spiritual body can occur. A mix of sound vibrations, energy and Reiki help to realign body systems, shift blockages and the support the chakras to allow for greater health and wellbeing.