Throughout my life I have spent time in nature when I needed to calm myself from the stresses of life. I was introduced to yoga from a friend in 1994 and experienced the balance of mind, body and spirit without needing to run to nature. I have always enjoyed moving my body whether it be snowboarding, biking, snowshoeing, roller derby, firefighting, running, or hiking with my dogs in the mountains of BC. After a few huge life changes in 2016, I moved to Peterborough and started going to Salti Yoga. I found the staff encouraging and I added yoga to my daily self care routine. My love for yoga grew and I made the choice to complete my Yoga Teacher Training so that I could help others fall in love with yoga. Completing my YTT complimented my Wholistic Practitioner education which I completed in 1997. I’m excited to be part of the Salti community and to share the gift of yoga.