Why Value a Consistent Yoga Practice?

By Jo Monea


Why value a consistent yoga practice?

Ultimately, when we show up for yoga we are showing up for ourselves—it’s a self-love practice. 

When we recognize that yoga is not just a fitness regime, and that it connects us to deeper parts of ourselves, we recognize that by showing up for that practice consistently we are building our own self-esteem. We are deeming it valuable to engage in a practice that facilitates truer connection to our-selves. We are deeming the exploration of our-selves as a worthy endeavour. 

Self-love and self-esteem go hand in hand.

Because, if yoga is worth it, and you’re practicing yoga consistently, then you are showing yourself that You are worth it. 
And that’s the only person who requires convincing.

So, the question really is, “Why am I worth knowing?”. And the answer is simple:
Because you are. 

Because you exist. 
Because you’re alive.